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My experience at the Songleading Fellowship retreat ended up being one of the best experiences of my life! It truly amazes me how Rosalie could just start singing, and the entire room of fellows would just join in to make this big, beautiful sound. It was SO AMAZING!


The retreat was one of the best things I've ever done.


URJ Teen Songleading Fellow

If only Rosalie’s book “Songleading: A Work of Art” existed when I was first forging my way into this world. So much of what I learned over the course of years of trial and error would have been available to me in a handy paperback.

"Songleading: A Work of Art "is a complete curriculum for the new and experienced songleader in any situation…whether you work at a camp, teach religious school, or lead groups of people in song in religious or secular settings, you’ll find a myriad of useful tips and foundational ideas to help you do your work.

If you’re a teacher of songleading, you now have a textbook available to you to work from and suggest to your students.

This work is sacred, and this book is an exceptional resource to help reinforce what you do, and teach you some new things too. It should be in the library of every leader of song in every setting. I wish I had it a lot sooner…but I’m glad I have it now. 


Rick Lupert

Drawing on her education at Hebrew Union College, her many years of congregational work, and her extensive experience songleading in camps and synagogues around the world, Rosalie creates and participates in programs that are designed to help each participant find their unique voice and talent, and to make the connection between engaging performance and meaningful worship and community building.

Hava Nashira

Hava Nashira is the premier songleading conference in North America, serving diverse populations from a variety of movements, communities, camps and congregations. With a focus on leading and crafting meaningful worship, Hava Nashira brings the best in professional songleaders and worship teachers to hundreds of participants every year. 

Hava Nashira provides songleaders with the opportunity to improve their skills as they learn from the finest Jewish music innovators and composers, as well as meaningful sharing of repertoire, best principles and practices from among the participants.

More details here.

Shabbat Shira 

Held in the fall at URJ's beautiful OSRUI camp in Wisconsin, this adult Jewish music retreat brings together those who love to teach and lead music, and those who love to sing, for three days of community, learning, and Jewish music.  Shabbat Shira provides an opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate through relationship building and joyful singing.

Emerging Songleader Development

As part of her work with URJ, Rosalie conceived and leads the URJ Teen Songleading Fellowship, which invites young Jewish songleaders to develop their songleading skills, deepen their knowledge of repertoire and communal singing technique, and build meaningful leadership and relationship opportunities in their congregations, camps, and communities. More details here.

She is also the primary teacher of head songleaders for URJ's summer camping system, and trains all teen songleaders who work with any camp through Sing Unto God's Summer Sparks program.

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